Friday, July 8, 2011

Watering Tip

What time of day should I water? 

This question gets asked a lot. Today I had to run an unscheduled mid-morning errand and in a mile long stretch of road saw five sprinkler systems running.  It became clear that we need to cover this again.

Water your yard early in the morning BEFORE the sun rises. The wind is typically the most calm at this time of day and watering early in the morning allows for maximum absorption into the soil while the sun is still below the horizon.  

Watering in the evening, particularly during days of high humidity levels, creates ideal conditions for breeding a variety of lawn diseases. The most common lawn disease fueled by high humidity levels is fungus. Fungal patches in the lawn can spread quickly and ruin your yard for the season. 

Unless you have freshly laid sod, avoid watering mid-day. Most of water applied mid-day is lost to evaporation. Watering in the heat of the day is the least effective time to water your yard. 

Depending on this size of your yard, set your clock to start sometime between 2am and 4am so the run cycles are completed before sunrise. If you are worried that you won't notice if something is broken when the sprinkler only operates in the middle of the night you can run a two minute test one evening a week and watch each zone run. That way you can keep and eye on it AND water at the right time of day. 

Watering smart will keep your water bill down and your yard green.

Keep it green! 

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