Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Dreaming?

Flowering Crab Apple Tree

Has the cold and snow started to get you down a little? Are you dreaming of warm spring days? I gave you a little taste of spring up above with the picture of our Flowering Crab Apple tree. I took that last spring, isn't it pretty? Sigh.....

We have reached February, which is the unofficial halfway point of winter. Have you been dreaming of what you want to do with your yard in the spring?

Whatever outdoor project you have been dreaming of during the dreary days of winter, if you need a contractor to help you fulfill your dreams, NOW is the time to contact them. If you live in an area where outdoor work is seasonal, odds are your contractor has carry over from last fall. Before you ever call him or her you are already in line after those folks. Much like the recorded operator who tells you that your call will be answered in the order it was received, the majority of contractors will work their projects in the order they were committed.

If your dreams include in-ground work such as irrigation, landscaping or a pool installation and you live in a snowy place,  you may have to wait for the bulk of the snow to melt so your contractor can see the lay of the land and provide you with an accurate estimate. It doesn't hurt to start making phone calls and doing some pre-planning before the snow melts!

Dream on, my friends, but remember to make your dreams come true you need to add some good planning into the mix as well.