Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flood Preparations and irrigation

Life has taken an unexpected turn here in the last week. The Missouri River is rising rapidly into the yards and homes of countless people who live along her banks. We have customers in Dakota Dunes, Wynstone, South Sioux City and Sloan that are at imminent risk of flooding.

Since last Thursday Galen has had his crew working on flood control rather than on irrigation. They have installed sump pumps, moved hundreds upon hundreds of sandbags and have even hauled furniture. I am proud of these young men, they have worked tirelessly, going far beyond what they signed up to work for this summer! I am absolutely certain this is not how anyone in the area planned to spend their holiday weekend.

Officials have asked that all irrigation at the Dunes and other areas along the river be shut off. We are asking that you not only turn off your controller, but as an added safety please shut off the water to your irrigation as well. A full winterization is not necessary, simply turn the water off in the basement or at the backflow device outside your home and turn the controller to OFF.

If you are pumping from the river or canal systems you will need to remove your pump and move it to higher ground. They are made to move water, but their electrical systems are not waterproof. Even if you have a submersible pump, the sheer volume of water flowing through the area has the capability of snapping off the pump feed line.

I can't imagine the stress of having to move out entire communities in a matter of days. We are thankful that there has been adequate warning. Only time will tell if all the efforts will pay off.

God be with all of you who will feel the direct impact of the flood waters.


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