Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hot Topic!

We spent two days last week at the wonderful Siouxland Garden Show. It is such a delight to see live green plants so early in the spring. The variety of speakers, vendors and available products certainly fan the flames of spring fever. We enjoyed the opportunity to chat with folks and show them some of the new technology available in irrigation.

The most talked about item at our Garden Show booth is technically not an irrigation product, but a rain collection product.   It is pictured above and is a rain barrel. Collecting rainwater is a great way to water your house plants or annuals. Rain water has trace minerals that you just don't get from city water.

This particular unit is not your average rain barrel. It has a large 75 gallon capacity. The lid can be used as a planter. One lady I spoke with also thought she could fill the top with small pebbles and use it as a bird bath as well. The gutter inlet is screened to keep debris and small critters out of the barrel. There is a brass spigot for garden hose connection. Unlike other less expensive rain barrels, this model has a large safety overflow that will direct the water overflowing from the barrel away from house. Barrels without this feature will overflow right against your foundation. Thick plastic, UV resistant walls are durable and will withstand extreme conditions. The barrel is currently available in two colors, the sandstone pictured above and a terracotta color. All these great features and as an added bonus this product is Made in USA.

We look forward to installing a rain barrel at our house. It will be a great addition to the watering systems all ready in place. I can use it to water all the plants that came home with us from the Siouxland Garden Show - Earl May had some beauties we couldn't resist!

Keep it Green!

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